Jury Chairman

HU Yue

National Engineering Survey and Design Master; Chief Architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. (BIAD); Chief Architect of Hu Yue Studio

Jury Members

ZHU Xiaodi

Founder and Chief Architect of ZXD Architects

PENG Lixiao

Vice President of the China Urban-Townization Promotion Council; Director of China Building Centre (CBC); Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine

LI Baofeng

Professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

ZHU Ling

Secretary of the Party Committee and Professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shenyang Jianzhu University; Engineering and Design Master of Liaoning Province

HAN Yunfeng

President of the Zhonglin Houniao Tourism Planning and Design Institute (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Chairman of the Board of Deyang Kaizhou Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Basic Information about Kaizhou New City

Kaizhou New City, located in the east of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, covers two towns which are Jiqing and Xinglong, with administrative area of 200 square kilometers. A starting area of Kaizhou New City is 5.97 square kilometers and the planned construction area will be 49 square kilometers in 2035. The New City is 64 kilometers away from urban area of Chengdu and located within the scope of Chengdu Economic Zone of Ring Highway (SA3). Through Jinjianhuang and Jinjianren expressways, it can reach Tianfu International Airport within 1 hour. The New City is completely placed in concept sequence of “Greater Chengdu” at geographical environment level, which has equipped the hardware basis for coordinated development with Chengdu and defined as the bridgehead for Deyang to be integrated into development axis of Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration.


Sponsor: Kaizhou New City Management Committee of Deyang City
Organizer: Deyang Kaizhou Investment Development Co., Ltd.; CBC(China Building Centre)
Academic Support:International Urban and Rural Innovation & Development Research Center


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