1.How to confirm that you have successfully registered?
The Organizing Committee will send the confirmation letter automatically after you submit your registration. The registration number is the Email Address which is submitted (For International Team Only)

2.The competition appendix is currently limited. The current site overview mentions that there are small hills in some areas, will the organizing committee provide the CAD file?
Kaizhou New City is still in the development stage, so the site CAD file is not open to public. The site terrain basically is flat with 10-20m soil slope in some areas.

3.There is no publicly available information on regional planning. It is unclear about land boundary line area, the surrounding industry plan and general plot ratio. Will the organizing committee provide more detailed information? If there is no clear plan, can participants define it freely?
Inside the land boundary line is Kaizhou New City Central Music Park. Since Kaizhou New City is in the development stage, and its future plan and industry development are also in the exploration stage, the high-tech smart manufacturing industry with the theme of music is tentatively planned. The competition takes on a micro approach and small-scale intervention to improve quality of public spaces, rather than the macro urban design, therefore the future overall planning is not oriented to this competition. Participants can determine their own themes and functions.

4.Will this competition project be simply evaluated or be implemented later? If it will be implemented, will there be certain number of the projects? Will there have on-site survey?
During the competition, the organizing committee has planned to arrange the on-site survey. According to the current situation of the corona virus, the on-site survey might be replaced by online survey, time and places will be notified later. The winning projects might be selected to be implemented.

5.“Participants can submit an independent work or a series of entries. Multiple entries are not accepted.” Does it mean each participant can only register once, but can submit more than one entry? Or it means one or multiple themes could be included in the entry?
Each participant can only register once, and can register in the name of the team. Participants can design an independent work or a series of works under one theme.

6.Are student works competing with young designer’s work together? If it is registered in group, is honor certificate only awarded in group leader or in members?
Participant can register in individual or groups, and each team member is required to be under 40 years old. Each team can have no more than 5 members, and one team leader is assigned, with no more than 2 teachers as the instructors for students in school. Each member will be awarded with an honor certificate.

Basic Information about Kaizhou New City

Kaizhou New City, located in the east of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, covers two towns which are Jiqing and Xinglong, with administrative area of 200 square kilometers. A starting area of Kaizhou New City is 5.97 square kilometers and the planned construction area will be 49 square kilometers in 2035. The New City is 64 kilometers away from urban area of Chengdu and located within the scope of Chengdu Economic Zone of Ring Highway (SA3). Through Jinjianhuang and Jinjianren expressways, it can reach Tianfu International Airport within 1 hour. The New City is completely placed in concept sequence of “Greater Chengdu” at geographical environment level, which has equipped the hardware basis for coordinated development with Chengdu and defined as the bridgehead for Deyang to be integrated into development axis of Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration.


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